Bluehost Stuck installing WordPress {update 2022}

Yes, you heard it right!! WordPress Installation running forever or Bluehost stuck installing WordPress on Bluehost Site during the initial on-boarding wizard. This post is for the people who faced an issue during on-boarding or first-time setup of Bluehost and WordPress installation. Let me tell you in details.


There are lots of material to search on, why Bluehost hosting is better, hosting Plans, about C-Panel and installing WordPress on it. But nobody mentions issues occur during WordPress installation while on-boarding. I was the one who faced it and decided to write it down in my post.

Nowadays, to make user’s life and experience awesome, Bluehost has provided an automatic on-boarding wizard to setup website themes, about site and installation of WordPress. Those are old days now when you used to receive email from Bluehost and after login to C-panel, you need to complete one-click WordPress installation. Bluehost on-boarding wizard is a good step indeed; I must say… but it was not that easy for me. So beginning with issue and resolution, let’s understand, what was the issue, how it got solved?

What was I doing? -

I was planning to launch my new website on “Technology” topic and purchased an appropriate plan for website hosting from Bluehost.

What was my expectation -

My expectation was, as soon as I will complete my payment, my C-Panel will be in front of my eyes, with WordPress installation done, to manage my site?

Where was I landed -

I found this guy, who is launching a rocket in "featured image of my post" and “asked me to wait” till the installation of WordPress completes, but my wait was too long, I waited for at least 20 minutes but installation didn’t get complete.

Troubleshooting steps tried to fix Bluehost wizard stuck issue -

  • Switched my Internet connection from the wireless router to mobile Hotspot
  • Switched my Firefox browser to Chrome, to complete Bluehost initial On-boarding
  • And finally switched my Personal laptop to my office laptop suspecting antivirus issue but nothing worked.

Bluehost stuck installing WordPress as it was running forever and the rocket guy in the image was willing to take me to the galaxy. Then I tried searching on google a lot, but no blog, post or even Bluehost guide talked about this issue.

After performing troubleshooting 3 hours, final I decided to contact Bluehost support.

Resolution to Bluehost installing WordPress -


So I decided to call support, Lady greeted and asked for the problem, and when I explained her. She asked me to verify the security code sent on my email. After confirmation, she did some magic and asked me to refresh my website, which was taking me to Galaxy, suddenly showed Bluehost C-Panel, with parameters I provided during initial on-boarding process of my website with the message "Ready to take on World".

Summary -

So whenever you got stuck with Bluehost portal and it's taking more than 5 minutes, don't wait or waste time in troubleshooting, call Bluehost support 001801-765-9400 and get your issue solved.


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Hope it will help somebody to save time and stress of on-boarding his/her first website on Bluehost + WordPress "running forever issue".