What is Microsoft Edge and it’s new features to blow Chrome {Edge 88 }

In the World of internet, Life is nothing without browsers. I will cover “What is Microsoft edge and it features” in this post. Also, we will learn “How to uninstall Edge“, if you don’t like it. As per Statista, Almost 4.66 billion people that is 59% of the global population were active internet user till October 2020. Additionally, the growth will increase by approximately 500 million mobile users till 2023. So you can understand the need and role of browsers in the growth of the internet.

Google chrome browser market share is around 70% compared to other browsers like Safari, Firefox, Xbox and Edge. Chrome is famous for its strong browser performance. We all use at least two web browsers and the bitter truth is Internet explorer was never anybody’s first choice. Microsoft no longer promotes Internet explorer and launched new Edge to fill the gap of using two browsers on every Windows pc. New edge features released by Microsoft was intended to dethrone Google chrome.


Let’s see what are the new edge features and understand, are these edge features are enough to beat chrome?

What is Microsoft Edge

New Edge is Microsoft’s proprietary cross-platform browser. The new edge is chromium based with blink and V8 engines. Microsoft announced new edge release on 15 Jan 2020. Why it’s called a new edge? Because the old or legacy edge browser was based on EdgeHTML and chakra javascript engine, which will have its end of life on 9th March 2021 as per Microsoft. Although Internet Explorer 11 will remain there in Windows 10 for some time for compatibility reasons. Because unlike IE (Internet Explorer), Microsoft Edge doesn’t support Activex and BHO technologies.

As we all know Chrome is also chromium based browser and there is a famous saying, “Diamond cuts Diamond“. Microsoft also decided to build a browser on the Chromium project to dethrone chrome. Microsoft Edge is the default web browser for Windows 10.

Edge can integrate with Cortana and has extensions available on Microsoft store. Also, Edge supports installation of all extension that can be installed or compatible with Chrome browser.

The journey of Microsoft browser has been tough in the last few years from Internet explorerLegacy Edge New Edge release. With the new version of Edge browser, Microsoft is adding more and more features and support for all operating system. Linux is one the example of his desperation.

Microsoft news

On Jan 21 2021, with edge “Version 88.0.705.50” has announced major improvements. They have introduced password generators, password monitor and even editing of passwords. Enhancement on security, PDF views, Performance, SSO (Single sign-on) and many more. Soon this will be rollout in the next windows update also.

Microsoft Edge new features

Below mentioned are the list of features and some details around it. These must be enough to fight against competition likes Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

  • Organizing research is easy with the edge – With the help of the collection feature, you can make your life easy. For example, if you are a student and you have done some research on your latest project. Meanwhile, your friends want you to join for an immediate outing. You can add all your search web pages and sites into the collection. So that you can start working again, where you left. You can also organize your collection, the way you want. You can export them to excel, word, OneNote and even in Pinterest. You can also add notes to each page.
  • Vertical tabs – We all know about Horizontal tabs in web browsers, but Edge has introduced vertical tabs also to work efficiently. You may notice when you have a lot of tabs open, it’s hard to navigate. So using vertical tabs, you can easily navigate from one page to another. Also, you can change or arrange the tab position as per your wish, same as Horizontal tabs. Edge is the only browser, which supports Vertical tabs management in a single click.
Image credit Microsoft
  • Smart copy – One of the amazing feature. Not sure, why no other browser developer thought about that. Whenever we copy text from the web and paste it. It always results in ugly formatting. Using smart copy feature, you can copy and paste easily by keeping web rich content format. You can retain images, link and text with the same web format. For me, this is a life-changing feature.

To use this smart copy feature of edge, you just need to Right click > Select “smart copy” > Select text from web page and paste it.

There are many more options added with Right-click menu in new edge browsers like cast media to the device, Read aloud, Add page to collections and web capture.

  • Tracking prevention control – Allows more control over, who tracks you on the web. Microsoft Edge is designed to secure from tracking. You can select Basic, Balanced or Strict to block trackers. I keep Balanced generally but in case your kids using the internet. You can keep it Strict.

To reach Tracking prevention setting. click on three dots <>- Settings – Select Privacy search and services.

  • Password Generator and Monitor – From the Edge version 88, you can generate a complex password to use. Also, you can get the notification, in case your web password is compromised. You just need to enable password monitoring for it. You can view leaked credentials and visit that website to change your password using dashboard in settings. So in a nutshell, your username + password can be monitored for any kind web stealing.
  • Immersive reader – To enable more clear and visible web reading. Selecting an immersive reader icon will allow you to focus on your web reading by removing all extra on-screen distractions. This is an inbuilt feature of Microsoft edge browser.
  • Dolby Audio and 4K support – This new is for Netflix lovers, Microsoft edge support 4k and Dolby audio support for Netflix videos on Windows 10. It is a collaborative step between Microsoft and Netflix to enhance their partnership.
  • Easy to switch – You can easily switch to new Microsoft Edge browser from your existing one. Importing of your favourites, browser setting is really easy.

Microsoft Edge vs Chrome {2021}

Edge Chrome
Chromium based cross-platform browser developed by MicrosoftChromium based cross-platform browser developed by Google
Low memory usage provides better performanceMemory consumption is a bit on the higher side but performance is more or less same compared to the edge.
Improved privacy control using tracking and password monitoring Password monitoring is not available in chrome
Edge collection, smart copy and built-in editors and writing assistant like Grammarly amazing features.Not available in chrome
Can add the extension from the chrome web store and Microsoft storeExtensions from chrome web store only.
If you are in Google ecosystem, will be difficult to use edge browserChrome support ecosystem like Google chrome, calendar, Google Docs, and maps.
Limited Sync options like passwords, bookmarks and settings to your accountMore sync options which include apps, bookmarks, extensions, history, settings, themes, open tabs, passwords and payment methods like Google pay
Microsoft Edge for Linux is still not released as GA but available for other platforms.Available for all platforms including Linux, iOS,
Android, Windows and macOS.
Recently introduce improved PDF experience like reading aloud, making notes etc.Basic PDF features are available

MS Edge download

Step1- Visit Microsoft website

Microsoft Edge supports Windows, Mac, ios and Android operating systems. To download Microsoft edge latest version –

  • Go to Microsoft website.
  • Click “Get Microsoft edge” to download the latest version of the new edge for Windows.
  • For macOS, Click on “Download for macOS” button.
  • For iOS and Android, you can download it from App Store and Google Play respectively.
  • Microsoft Edge for Linux has been released in October 2020 but it’s in preview.
Image source Microsoft

Step2- Accept and Download

Click Accept and Download. Please make a note, to install edge browser, you must have admin rights on PC.


How to download Microsoft edge for Linux ?

  • Visit Microsoft edge insider channel and download edge rpm for Linux. It’s still in preview and Beta version will be released soon. You can test and play with new edge for Linux till GA version will be released.

Step3- Check download folder for “MicrosoftEdgeSetup.exe

Go to download folder in your pc and check for “MicrosoftEdgeSetup.exe” file. Size will be around 1.7 MB.


How to update Microsoft Edge latest version in Windows 10

Below mentioned are the latest version available for Edge, while writing this post –

Microsoft Edge

Android45.12.4.5121 / December 29, 2020
iOS45.12.4 / January 14, 2021
macOS88.0.705.50 / January 21, 2021
Windows88.0.705.50 / January 21, 2021
Xbox One44.18363.8131 / February 11, 2020

Although Microsoft edge will automatically get the update through Windows update. But in case, you don’t have the latest updates, you can use below mentioned two ways to update new Microsoft edge.

1.) Update Edge browser online automatically.

2.) Download and Install/Update latest edge manually.

You can follow below mentioned steps to update new edge in windows 10 –

Method#1 Update Edge browser online

Step4 – Check your existing Edge version and update

Open edge browser – Click on <…> dots – Select Help and Feedback option – Open “About Microsoft edge”. It will automatically start updating your Microsoft edge to the latest version. Restart Edge as the final step.


Method#2 Download and Install/Update edge (manually)

Step5- Download latest version of Microsoft edge

Follow Step 1 to 3 to download new Microsoft edge as shown above.

Step6- Double click and run MicrosoftEdgeSetup.exe

  • Go to your download folder and run “MicrosoftEdgesetup.exe” to update Microsoft edge.
  • Select “Yes” to allow Microsoft edge to run as administrator in “User Access Control“.
  • It will update or install your Edge automatically in Windows 10.

Step7- Check version of Edge

  • Open edge browser –
  • Click on <…> dots –
  • Select Help and Feedback option
  • Open “About Microsoft edge”

Video Tutorial #1

Checkout this useful video on “How to upgrade edge browser in windows 10“.

Can I uninstall Microsoft edge?

If you are not happy with Microsoft edge and don’t like enhanced features available. I won’t ask you the reason, Why you want to get rid of Microsoft edge? It’s your pc, your browser and your wish. I am here to help you with all your problems.

When you will try to get rid of Edge, you will see uninstall button is greyed out for Edge browser or only change button is visible in “add remove programs”.

Follow these steps to remove or uninstall Microsoft edge from your windows 10 pc.

 1. Open File explorer > Go to folder “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application

2. Look for your edge version folder. It’s 88.0.705.50 in my case.


3. Double click and open your edge version folder like 88.0.705.50 – then “installer” folder – look for “setup exe” file.

check-setup. exe-to-uninstall-edge

4. Type “cmd.exe” in file explorer window and press enter to open command prompt with existing path.


5. Run setup.exe command to uninstall Microsoft edge from windows 10 forcefully.

> setup.exe --uninstall --system-level --verbose-logging --force-uninstall

6. Select “Yes” and allow Edge permissions in “User Access Control


7. Enjoy! it will remove edge from windows 10.

Video tutorial #2

I have created this short video on “How to uninstall edge from windows 10” for your reference. If you are not a fan of text reading, you will like this short video and I am sure, you will be able to get rid of Microsoft Edge browser.


In my view, Microsoft has a habit to dominate and keep changing its products to the level of user-friendliness. Soon the time will come when Microsoft edge will be at least the second choice in Browsers. I hope you now know what is Microsoft edge and what are the latest features, which are amazingly useful.

I use edge and don’t find much difference using Chrome or Edge browser in terms of performance. So give it a try and let me know your feedback by your comments.


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