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The idea behind Technology Savy

Each of us is somewhat dependent on Google and other Search engines to resolve our day-to-day problems. I am also one of them. So I thought of contributing my own IT experience, Learning and thoughts to my community. I started blogging with the “blogger platform in 2013” as a hobby and wrote many articles on Storage, Unix and other IT technology. But I always dreamt to own one website, which belongs to me and my thoughts entirely.

In 2020, I got some extra free time to publish my website “Technology Savy (Cloudlinuxtech.com)” during the covid time. My idea behind this website is to provide correct and tested information. So in approximately all my tutorials, you will find screenshots and videos supporting the information provided.

Chetan Malvia, who is my best buddy also joined me in my vision and helped me write Tech articles as a co-Editor. He is also passionate about sharing his knowledge with the world and always shares some of the latest and most helpful articles for the IT fraternity.

Writers Bio

Devender Kumar Sharma

Hi, I am Devender Sharma, Founder and Author @Cloudlinuxtech.com. A sincere FOSS lover and IT Professional for the last 15+ Years. My Life revolves around Gadgets, Servers, Storage, Software, Operating systems, the Internet and Cloud computing. I am passionate about Technology and love solving problems. You will find me watching TV, Playing with my kids or reading books in my free time.

Chetan Malvia

Hi, I am Chetan Malvia Author/Editor @ Cloudlinuxtech.com. As a technologist, I believe in the endless possibilities that humanity can achieve by unifying people-centric ideas with cutting-edge technology. In my 15+ years of career, I have had the opportunity to build and design high-performance infrastructure, advise on strategies with startups, involved in a bunch of projects which include network and security analysis, automation, design and implementation, mostly, focusing on cloud and Cybersecurity.
As a forever learner, hope these blogs and technical knowledge sharing will help you and your origination/country to grow!! You can reach out or check more details on my Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/chetanmalvia/

Social Impact

Technology Savy (aka Cloudlinuxtech.com) is a technology-focused blog and helpful for IT professionals and End users looking for How-to manuals, Troubleshooting guides or the latest technology news. I believe it’s matching our vision with around ~35K+ users (every month) and 384K+ (since started) from around the globe staying on my site and reading my posts. Many of our articles rank in the Top 5 on the Google search engine.

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Technical certifications Earned

I have done many technical and non-technical certifications during my professional journey. Below mentioned are a few handpicked out of the list

Redhat Certified engineer
RedHat Certified Engineer
GCP architect logo
Google certified Professional Cloud Architect
Microsoft certified professional
Microsoft Certified Professional

Please feel free to connect with me for any questions, feedback and suggestions.

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