RPA-Unity Splitter Stale Entries Removal

I have encountered this RPA-unity Splitter Stale entries Removal issue during Unity and Recoverpoint Appliance (RPA/SE cluster) setup using Recoverpoint deployment manager.


It was a greenfield (New) environment and I was supposed to complete the setup of Recoverpoint/SE + Unity cluster on two sites. But due to some naming and other technical decisions change, I had to rebuild the RPA cluster. Rebuilding process left some residue or splitter stale entries into Unity.

Below mentioned Procedure is to remove stale/old entries of RPA (Recoverpoint) cluster from Dell-EMC Unity storage if you have to rebuild your RPA (Recoverpoint) cluster due to any reason. it’s important to clear these entries, otherwise, you will keep bugging your self with errors in RPA/SE cluster and also in Unity logs.

if you want to clean stale entries from splitter. Dell-EMC documents call it as H-i-j-a-c-k procedure.

Steps that need to be followed for the Stale entries cleaning process. 

1) ssh to the array (Unity array)
2) login as service user
3) make sure you are on SPA
4) run the following commands (requires root):
     # psmtool get RPSplitterArea-SPA0 RPSplitterArea-SPA0.out  (this will save a copy of the file before deleting it)
     # psmtool del RPSplitterArea-SPA0
5) reboot SPA:
     # svc_shutdown -r
6) waif for SPA to finish its boot (check for “CF: iwd: fully started” in /EMC/C4Core/log/start_c4.log)

Do the same on SPB:
7) ssh to SPB
8) run the following commands (requires root):
     # psmtool get RPSplitterArea-SPB0  RPSplitterArea-SPB0.out  (this will save a copy of the file before deleting it)
     # psmtool del RPSplitterArea-SPB0
9) Reboot SPB.
    # svc_shutdown -r

*Please make a note that it requires root access on Unity array and as we all know, that Dell EMC doesn’t share that with the customer. So you can have help from Dell EMC support on this.


Hope you will now be able to work with RPA-unity Splitter Stale entries Removal. Make sure you involve support during this operation.

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Hope this will help someone.


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